How to pick the most appropriate domain hosting provider for your site

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Picking the most appropriate domain hosting provider is easier said than done. One needs to take their time and carry out research so that they can find the best for their business, size, and type of their websites. But first things first, what do you need to check in a package or a hosting provider to select them? Experts advise that you need to check for the 3 vital ‘S,’ the Speed of the server, Support for customers and Security of the server. A website owner needs to have the ability to scale their sites as their target audience grows. The resiliency of a site to handle an abrupt burst of high traffic falls squarely on the domain hosting company you choose.

Today, with only a few bucks each month, you are sure to find a hosting service. Other packages may escalate to thousands of dollars each year. However, for a startup business choosing either the cloud hosting, VPS or a managed WordPress hosting service can be a good idea. These services can cost anything from $10 to $100 each month.

Hosting experts recommend that before you choose the appropriate domain hosting provider for your site, you should, first of all, consider the following factors.

a)    How much hand-holding you require

A typical customer care support only provides phone, ticket and email support. However, their turnaround time on your request may vary from a provider to the next. We have some who provide up to 24 hours’ phone support. Therefore, it is important to know how much of support you will need in your website and search for a company with a technical support team that will be right there when you need them.

b)    Amount of traffic expected in a site

It is true to say that a hosting provider will charge you depending on your storage capacity and your bandwidth usage. The amount of bytes you serve over a period is called the bandwidth usage. If your site experiences only a handful of visitors in a given period, then your bandwidth usage will be low. However, if you get featured on top of search engine, or your products go viral, then there will be increased usage of bandwidth. Therefore, it is paramount to be clear on the number of visitors in your website.

c)    Understand unlimited offers

Take time to understand unlimited offers. Most users flock to some offers before carefully reading and understanding the terms and regulation. Always be on the safe side. Ensure you thoroughly go through the offers and find out if there are hidden charges on an unlimited offer.

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