Notable domain hosting providers for websites

domain hosting providers

If you want to upgrade your website or want to launch one, your hosting provider is critical to the success of the website and overall sales. These days there are many in the market, with each one of them specializing in certain types of websites. These hosts also provide various hosting packages which are suited to various kinds of websites. If you are at crossroads in choosing the ideal company for your website, then worry no more as the list below of below will enlighten you on some of the notable handpicked hosts that you need to consider to host your site.

1.    DreamHost

They have business-friendly features which are available at cost-effective prices. Their shared hosting services are slower and are not reliable for businesses. However, you can bank on their other packages like dedicated and VPS plans for your site. The company’s handy extras are the ability for a user to host much domain all from a single account. The company however never offers free domain name with each of their shared plans. However, you benefit from free privacy protection. With DreamHost, you benefit from the managed WordPress hosting, WooCommerce, VPS, Cloud hosting and also the dedicated server plans.

Though their billing is often flexible, its better of you avoid long-term contracts with the company by signing up for lesser contracts of monthly billing. This would cost you only $10.95 every month for the shared hosting plan. If you choose a three-year plan, the price drops to $7.95. The company has a money-back-guarantee policy on their products of up to 97 days.

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2.    HostGator

This is another reputable high –power cloud hosting company. With its service, your web content will be spread across various devices thereby improving the redundancy and speeds up your site’s load time. Most users prefer it because it is very cost efficient when compared to other web hosting services. Its Business Cloud package will deliver on your business basics with support for the unlimited number of sites, unlimited storage along with a private SSL certificate. The rates are impressive, priced at $9.95 a month for three years, it also offers $17.96 on renewal.

3.    GoDaddy Business Hosting

This hybrid product offers dedicated resources and enables sites to perform as though they are on the VPS package. It has simplified cPanel-style management of the shared domain hosting service. With GoDaddy’s baseline Prime plan you will enjoy up to 1GB RAM and one CPU plus a 60GB storage capacity.