How to Choose a Reliable Hosting Provider for your E-commerce Site

Reliable Hosting Provider

Choosing the ideal domain hosting provider is not an easy task. It is easy when saying, however, the uphill task is when you hit the ground in search of the ideal one for your business. Before you launch your website, you need to know the various factors that determine the hosting provider and the package to settle for. Here are some handy tips that will see you choose the appropriate provider.

1.    Customer support

Before you settle on a company, first understand how speedy they are in providing their customers with support in the event technical problems occur. A reliable provider should guarantee their customers of a professional 24/7 live support. This way, you will get help whenever you encounter technical problems on your site, be it during daytime or at night. Do not give priority to those that only offer email or support tickets, but rather one who also has a social media presence is advised. In the same breath, it is advisable for you to select one who has a dedicated in-house customer care department since they understand the company operations more than the outsourced ones.

2.    One with a portable content management system

Choose a host who does backup for your site frequently. Such kinds of host usually have a portable content management system in place, to ensure that they prevent your site lock-in in case of a technological shift that is capable of altering your site’s hosting plans. Make sure you do not lock your site to a single host and be sure to have a backup plan in case something bad happens.

3.    Server reliability

Before you settle at any one host, research and find out if they are reliable. Ensure that their servers are reliable because your site will depend on them if it has to be online. Avoid hosts with weak servers or who have unstable network connections as these are sure to push your site offline. When your site is online, it has a negative impact on sales and overall ranking on search engines. Ensure the host has a reputable uptime score, which is not below 99%. Ensure you ignore anyone with a score below 99.5% annually. Lastly, be sure that the provider of your choice is can be trusted, and is sure to provide you with a secure solution for your site before you choose them to host your e-commerce website.

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