How Your Domain Name Influence SEO Rankings

If you ask website owners about the description of a premium domain name you might likely get different answers. But the true meaning of premium domains is those domains that were previously registered and used and are available in the marketplace for resale. The recent few years have seen a sharp increase in premium domains because of the scarcity of .com domains. Premium domains offer business owners the ability to acquire the best dotcom domain names, which they could not have acquired through domain name registration. So if you’re not sure what premium domains are, here are the features to look out for:

– Premium domains have to be short and have high recall value

The first feature of premium domains is that they have to be short and easy to recall. In fact, it’s a requirement for any domain, whether premium or otherwise, to be short and easy to recall. And top of that, it should easy to pronounce. Short means customers can learn your domain name off by heart, which means they will come back to your website without having to go through the hassle of searching your website again. They will just type in your domain name in their browsers and land on your website. Learn how to rank higher in search with the right domain.

– Premium domains are generic

Premium domains are pretty generic. They are typically dot.com domains, for example, amazon.com, facebook.com, photography.com. However, domain names like westernphotography.com, allwritingquestions.com, and artilleryscoutmarketing are not generic domains. It’s a good idea to choose generic domain names because they are short and easy to remember.

– Premium domains are easy to spell

You can easily spell amazon.com as opposed to scintillantingphotography.org. Ability to spell a domain name is important because when customers want to return to your website, they will simply spell out the name and enter it into their browsers. Ability to spell a domain name is also important when people want to spread the word about your website. Instead of looking for a pen to write a domain name for everyone, they’ll simply spell it out for people to directly enter into their browsers.

– Premium domains are product-related

Premium domains are majorly product related, for example, apparel and electronics. These are major products in society, and so business owners operating in those niches like to use those names in their domains to reflect their businesses. A product-related domain name enables customers to instantly tell what your business is all about and helps in your SEO efforts. All this increase the probability of customers buying those products.

– Premium domain names don’t go against trademark

Infringement of trademark rights is a serious offense. It could result in lawsuits, which could lead to punitive penalties or your business being brought down by search engines. This can be a huge loss for your business, especially if it was already booming. It’s tough to find premium domain names like amazon.com, facebook.com, and goods.com infringing on trademark since they consist of one word and the dot-com extension. However, that doesn’t mean that no trademark disputes are going on.

– Premium domain name extensions match a country’s language

Premium domain names typically match the language of the domain. A good example would be the domain texru.ru. The extension ru stands for Russian Union, and you can easily tell the language and where the domain name originates from.


Premium domains have lots of advantages over registering new domain names. Besides being short and memorable, they have established traffic and backlinks, which means you’ll start your business with your best foot forward. In this day and age of cutthroat competition in the business environment, premium domains can help you stay ahead of competitors. You have to be careful when choosing one to avoid those that have been banned by Google for violation of their terms and conditions.